The rules

General rules

The goal of this competition is to race without continuing your replay, this is what we call "noRH" (i.e. no Replay Handling).

As there is no way to proove the use of "continuing replay" feature or not with standard replay format of Stunts, you have to launch the game using DOSBox 0.65 or higher and record a video of your replay.

Without the video, any time won't be considered valid.

This competition is open to everyone, but each racer can have only 1 profile. "Ghost" accounts identified will be deleted without warning.

"Default" game version to race is Stunts 1.1 by BroderBund. You can race with any Stunts or 4D Driving DOS version of the game but then please specify it to me by mail in case you use another version than "default" one.

FM Towns and PC-9801 versions are not allowed to be used in this competition as you can't record a video as a proof of noRH racing.

Check the Stunts wiki here to have more informations regarding the different versions of the game.

You have to use the designed car for the track. Don't tune/modify the track or the car or you'll be disqualified.

Recorded video must show the full race, from the start to the end, and record must be stopped after you entered your nickname in the scoreboard table of the game.

Default keys to launch and stop video recording with DOSBox are CTRL+ALT+F5.

Replay exchange between racers of the same team is allowed, even if there is no team scoreboard managed in this competition.

Deadline schedule

You are not forced to race all tracks, and you can enter the competition whenever you want, even if some tracks have been raced before.

Each track is available to be raced for 3 weeks, from sunday 19H00 (European time) to next sunday 3 weeks later, same hour.

This deadline hour is made in order to be suitable for both European and American driver.

Updating the scoreboard

As I am both the competition manager and a racer too, I developped this website to let you publish your time directly on the database without beeing forced to watch your replays before updating the scoreboard.

Once you finished a replay, you can publish your time on this site by yourself. No wait for the webmaster to update the scoreboard, you'll know that scoreboard is updated each time you see it.

There is no limit to the number of time update you can publish on the website. If you improve your time 10 times per day, you can update your time in the scoreboard 10 times if you want.

Scoreboard update works only if your new time is faster than your previous one.

In case you made a mistake while recording your time on the scoreboard (that is, publishing a time faster than your real one), send me a mail immediately and I'll correct it in the database.

If your mistake is writing a time slower than your real one, just re-publish your time and it will be updated.

In order to post your time, you'll have to register first. Click here to register.

Registering is only required once, then you can publish your time using the link in the active race page. You can also register from the active race page.

There will be no "quiet days" period. You publish your time, then everybody can see it.

Points system

Points will be given according to your rank in the race, and according to the number of racers in the race.

This means that last driver will get 1 point, and all racers will get 1 more point than the racers behind them, except :

- the 2nd who will get 2 points more than the 3rd driver.

- the winner who will get 2 points more than the 2nd driver.

Example : 5 racers named A to E finished in alphabetical order. E will get 1 point, D will get 2, C will get 3, B will get 5 while A will get 7 points.

With 10 racers the 10th will get 1 point, the 9th will get 2, ..., 3rd will get 8, 2nd will get 10 while 1st will get 12 points.

In case of a draw, the 2 drivers will get the points of the best place. For example, drivers classified last and one before last have a draw, then they both will get 2 points and no racer will have 1 point.

With this point system, everybody will get points but fighting for the top 2 will be rewarded higher than fighting for the 10th place.

Sending replays and videos

In order to avoid any issue or "manager honesty" problem (like there was in the past on some other competitions) regarding my participation as a racer in my own competition, please DO NOT SEND TO ME ANY REPLAY OR VIDEO BEFORE THE DEADLINE IS OVER (this does not apply to my teammates for the usual teamwork of course).

When deadline is over, the new track will start (expect some hours without active track sometimes) and you can send your replay and video of the finished track to me by mail at krystoffstunts[AT]

It's no use sending me the replays and videos of ALL your times published. Just send me your final time replay and video.

Please zip the video before sending it by mail. The mail will then be much smaller for you to send, and for me to load. Thanks in advance.

FTT (Feel The Thrill) organization

I'll inform in the news when the new track is ready and when the previous race scoreboard is validated.

Season scoreboard will be updated only when all replays and videos of the previous track are validated by me.

I'm the default track designer, but if you have a track you think suitable for a noRH race, feel free to send it to me by mail and I may use it for a future race.

Often there will be a break in the competition during summer (summer in Europe, it means during winter in South hemisphere of the world) when I'll be on holidays.

I'll inform you when this break will happen as soon as I know when I'll be away.

In case I'm away for less than 3 weeks, I'll keep the competition open for you to race, but I won't be there to correct any mistake made in the scoreboard.

If you have any question, just ask me by mail or in the forum.

Known bugs and other infos

Passwords :

I had a bug with password encription in the database. Therefore I strongly suggest you to use a specific password for this website and not your "standard" password as it will not be encrypted in the database. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Internet Explorer (aka IE) :

This website has been developped for, and tested and optimized with FireFox 2 web browser.

Some graphic bugs have been identified with other web browsers (thanks to fot the help in this study) :

- Internet Explorer (5 to 8) users and Opera (9.23 to 9.27) users will have additional empty lines, making the webiste look much bigger vertically than it is supposed to be.

- Internet Explorer 4 users (is there still people using this ?) will have the same problem as above with also a size issue (too long) horizontally and also the left menu won't be displayed properly (it will be simple links, no CSS look attributes will work for the menu).

For these users I strongly suggest them to switch to FireFox, it's free and you will have a safer web navigation (compared to Internet Explorer). But it's your choice to keep IE or Opera in case you like going up and down often with your mouse wheel.