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The "live racing" Stunts competition

This website is dedicated to an old abandonware racing game named "Stunts" and also known as "4D Sports Driving".

In case you are new to this game and would like to know how this game looks like, check the Stunts wiki here.

Now, read the rules first and then go to the "active track" page to download the track and race.


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Oh my God ! (published 2009-03-12)

How could this happen ? I managed to forget the deadline of my OWN competition ???
Oh Gosh, I thought deadline was next week-end and not last one.
I'll do the update tonight or tomorrow (still don't know) and new race will start next week-end.
Sorry for the mess, and really stupid from me. This is the replays in my mailbox that alarmed me. I'm really a crappy competition manager...

3rd (and last) news for today (published 2009-02-16)

Well, I talked more than enough for today, all you need to know now it's that 3rd track will be raced with Nissan car developped by Duplode.

If you don't have this one, take a look at the download page where you will find a link to a version of Stunts including 3 new cars : Skyline, Spedgate and Ranger, designed respectively by Duplode, Mark and Cody. Thanks to them for their hard work, and thanks to Zak for the Stunts version with them.

Good luck everybody for this race, and don't forget to send me replays and video proofs of your final results at FTT0202 track.

2nd part of the news, and not really good news... (published 2009-02-16)

Now, let's talk of a bad news : no time from Mark. After such a perfect race for him at 1st track, he decided to retire from stunts racing. Too bad, he and I were the only racers that never missed an offically video proved noRH race. Let'sz hope it's just a little break and that he will come back soon...

Finally, let's consider results of the 1st race.
Zak, Goblin and Satanziege didn't send replay and video proof for 1st track.
Sadly, it means I have to delete their results from the scoreboard and re-adjust championship points accordingly.

So, from now on, I will change the rules a few : no championship points will be given until 1 week after the race deadline. You will all have 1 week to send me replay and video proof of your final time.

After 1 week, unproven results will be erased and championship points given. Same applies to stats per racer that will only be updated 1 week after the deadline now.

This means you have until 22nd of February, 19H server's time (that is GMT+1) to send me by mail (reminder, it's krystoffstunts AT gmail DOT com) your replay and video for 2nd track.

I'll update rules page soon accordingly and will add a reminder system on active race page.

And the 2nd track winner is... Duplode (published 2009-02-16)

OK guys, many news to talk about.

1st, 2nd track results.
After a sharp battle with CTG, Duplode gets a new win in this competition. But points earned is not so different for them as CTG got the leading time bonus point.
3rd is the comeback of... Gutix ! Welcome to the competition Gutix, nice to see you back on Stunts.
4th driver is Zak, missing the podium for not posting his best result in time, sadly.

These 4 drivers are all on the same second, only 55 centiseconds between Duplode and Zak. I like sharp battles.

Then we have Chulk, 3 seconds behind and me, 1 more half second slower.
AbuRaf is consistent and gets the 7th place, while last racer is Goblin.

Missing replays and videos (published 2009-02-13)

We're close to 2nd race finish and I still miss replay and video proofs from 1st track.
To be precise, I miss :
- Mark's final time (I have a slower time proof that was sent as leading time proof, but it will mean only 2nd place for Mark),
- Zaqrack's time
- Goblin's time
- Satanziege's time

If I don't get these proofs until the 2nd track's deadline, I'll have to reduce Mark's time and suppress 3 racers on the scoreboard. Not good for the competition's interes, so please send me your replays and videos soon.
Thanks in advance.