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Current active track is FTT0205 (right-click and "save target as" on track name to download it).
Current active car to race with is Audi Quattro Sport.
Deadline for this track is 2009-04-26, 19H00 server time (current server time is 2023-10-01 18H01).
Submit your time for this race (you will need to register first).
Reminder : don't forget to send me by mail your replay and video for previous track until 2009-02-22, 19H00 server time. Else, your result will be considered invalid and therefore erased from the database...

Rank Driver Min. Sec. Cent. Car Time posted
1Chulk11195Audi Quattro Sport2009-04-26
2Duplode1120Audi Quattro Sport2009-04-26
3Gutix11685Audi Quattro Sport2009-04-20
4Ice12265Audi Quattro Sport2009-04-13
5Overdrijf12420Audi Quattro Sport2009-04-14
6firefoxie12480Audi Quattro Sport2009-04-07
7AbuRaf7012615Audi Quattro Sport2009-04-21

Previous most time leader is Duplode with 348.84 hours of leading time. Current leader is Chulk with 126503.16 hours of leading time at the moment.
Rank Driver Lead start Lead stop Lead duration Cumulative leadership
1AbuRaf702009-04-07 00H102009-04-07 12H3312.37 hours12.37 hours
2firefoxie2009-04-07 12H332009-04-11 06H2789.91 hours89.91 hours
3Gutix2009-04-11 06H272009-04-12 05H5323.43 hours23.43 hours
4Duplode2009-04-12 05H532009-04-26 18H44348.84 hours348.84 hours
5Duplode2009-04-26 18H442009-04-26 18H510.13 hours0.13 hours
6Chulk2009-04-26 18H51ongoing leadongoing leadongoing lead